CYBATHLON experience at HSR

The “CYBATHLON Experience at HSR: Next generation exoskeletons” gave visitors the chance to experience how paraplegic people can climb stairs again thanks to state-of-the-art assistance technology.  At the University of Applied Sciences Rapperswil (HSR), VariLeg enhanced and TU Delft’s Project March  showed how current exoskeletons make standing, walking, climbing stairs and standing up possible for their paraplegic pilots. Thank you to our exopilot Rolf Schoch!

The evening before, on September 19th, interested parties also had the opportunity to attend the panel discussion „Walk again? Perspectives on the current status of exoskeletons“. Experts with a medicine, research and industry background discussed the potential of exoskeletons for paraplegic people, the technical hurdles still to be overcome and the stumbling blocks between research and everyday use that still have to be removed.

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