Japan's national TV visits VariLeg enhanced

25. September 2019

The Japanese national broadcasting organization NHK  visited us at HSR! They filmed our exoskeleton demo and interviewed our paraplegic pilot Thomas Krieg.

Paraplegic pilot Thomas Krieg: «I'm not the kind of guy who just sits around»

22. September 2019

„It’s been over four years since Thomas Krieg ended up in a wheelchair. Today, he tells us how he got back on his feet.
As a child, he played football, and later he became a bobsledder. He was a competitive athlete when the accident happened. Today, he has lost 37cm of leg circumference, and he only trains his upper body at the gym. Despite this, he still has a fighting spirit, the humour and the joy of life. In this portrait, he explains how he stays the same even though everything has changed.“
A portrait by

CYBATHLON experience at HSR

20. September 2019

The “CYBATHLON Experience at HSR: Next generation exoskeletons” gave visitors the chance to experience how paraplegic people can climb stairs again thanks to state-of-the-art assistance technology.  At the University of Applied Sciences Rapperswil (HSR), VariLeg enhanced and TU Delft’s Project March  showed how current exoskeletons make standing, walking, climbing stairs and standing up possible for their paraplegic pilots. Thank you to our exopilot Rolf Schoch!
The evening before, on September 19th, interested parties also had the opportunity to attend the panel discussion „Walk again? Perspectives on the current status of exoskeletons“. Experts with a medicine, research and industry background discussed the potential of exoskeletons for paraplegic people, the technical hurdles still to be overcome and the stumbling blocks between research and everyday use that still have to be removed.

CYBATHLON at Weltklasse Zürich

27. August 2019

The ETH Zurich CYBATHLON together with Weltklasse Zürich hosted a number of thrilling competitions at the Zürich main station. Commuters had the possibility to find out how innovative technology can assist people with disabilities in everyday life. There, our VariLeg enhanced pilot Thomas Krieg participated in the powered exoskeleton race! Thank you to Elektrizitätswerke des Kantons Zürich (EKZ) for supporting the sport we love.


31. August 2019

Thank you for all those who visted our exhibition stands at Scientifica 2019! We are happy to contribute to the theme “Science fiction – science facts” by answering various questions and providing facts for social discussion.

World Conference of Science Journalists (WCSJ)

5. July 2019

Following the WCSJ 2019 (World Conference of Science Journalists), 20 journalists and science communication professionals from 9 different countries visited ETH and UZH to learn about the impact of digitalization on our daily life. As a part of the programme, we were pround to introduce our exoskeleton to the visitors with a live demonstration.


5. June 2019

It has been a pleasure presenting our project to around 120 prospective students during the ‚Studienwoche‘ (Study Week). Through sharing our experiences, we wish to inspire the students and motivate them to study engineering at ETH! (Images by Stephen Arpagaus)

Fokus Project Roll-Out

3. June 2019

The video of our Roll-Out presentation is now available on Youtube! During this ten-minute presentation, we provided technical insights into the system and illustrated the goals we achieved. If you missed the chance to visit personally, now would be the perfect time to catch up!

28. May 2019

The Fokus Roll-Out was very successfull! We could show our product to the public and present all the new features of the VariLeg enhanced exoskeleton. Additionally, our live demonstrations with Thomas and Eric gathered a huge crowd of interested visitors. Thanks for coming!

18. May 2019

The team VariLeg enhanced had a successful shooting day in Rapperswil for our Roll-Out video. Thomas could walk, stand up and sit down without further assistance and the weather was perfect for filming. Stay tuned for the Roll-Out video, it will be out on May 28th!

Launching the testing phase with our paraplegic pilot Thomas

7. May 2019

Thomas‘ first steps in four years! We are very proud to announce that we could start the testing phase with our paraplegic pilot.

First steps of the VariLeg enhanced

25. April 2019

We are very proud to present you the first steps of the VariLeg enhanced with our team member Pascal.

EKZ Publication

5. April 2019

In the last weeks, a lot of progress has been made! Have a look at some impressions of our daily work. (Images by Herbert Zimmermann, EKZ)

Carbon manufacturing phase finally over!

30. March 2019

A whole week of carbon manufacturing lies behind us. Let’s start the post-processing!