Our Pilots

Our pilots are two of the most important members of the team. The exoskeleton VariLeg enhanced was developed and built specifically for the two pilots Thomas Krieg and Rolf Schoch. Thanks to their sporting background, they are the ideal exo-pilots. They are particularly distinguished by their ambition and stamina and can hardly wait to show their skills at the CYBATHLON 2020.

Thomas Krieg

Thomas Krieg

As a former bobsledder he is characterised by his great fighting spirit, giving up is never an option for him. With this attitude he has been involved in the development of the VariLeg enhanced from the very first minute and has the finish line of the CYBATHLON 2020 clearly in sight.




Rolf Schoch

Rolf Schoch

The former motocross rider has a keen sense of how to handle machines. Thanks to this, he is able to use new technology to be on an equal footing with his fellow men again.  He will support the team at the CYBATHLON 2020 as a replacement rider.





Our Crew

In September 2018, 15 students from ETH Zurich and the OST Rapperswil joined together to form the original engineering team. Within the scope of the focus project they were additionally supported by five engineers, six coaches and three professors. After the focus rollout in June 2019, the staff of the Institute for Laboratory Automation and Mechatronics (ILT) at the OST took over the preparation of the competition.  They continue to be actively supported by the pd|z and RELab.

Our Engineering Team

Coach, Project Manager

Project Engineer

Civil Service

Our Professors

Professor at ETH Zürich Rehabilitation Engineering

Chair of Product Dev.& Eng. Design

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