Our exoskeleton VariLeg enhanced

Our Exoskeleton VariLeg enhanced is specifically build for CYBATHLON 2020 to compete in the “Powered Exoskeleton Race”.
In this discipline, paraplegics wear an exoskeleton. These robotic support devices enable the pilot to run the course and solve the tasks set for him. These include getting up from a sofa or climbing stairs, ramps and slopes. Our pilot competes with the VariLeg enhanced against 20 international teams. The goal is to complete most of the tasks on the course correctly in order to win the race with the highest score. The time limit is ten minutes, and only if there is a tie on points will the pilot with the shortest race time win. New challenges this year are the stacking of cups while standing at a table, as well as the uneven terrain, where the pilots cannot put their feet flat on the ground.